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VAVA international inc

Tech Company


Senior Visual Designer
UI/UX & Branding

Web Design | Mobile App | Branding


San Jose / 2021-2023

The current design lacked trust and didn't match contemporary design trends in layout, color schemes, and overall aesthetic. Addressing inadequate product information on our webpage, a major driver for customer returns, required a holistic redesign approach. The goal was to not only boost visual appeal but also ensure a seamless, informative user experience.


As the lead designer, I aimed to revolutionize the VAVA brand by strategically overhauling our webpage. The primary focus was on building a stronger brand identity and fostering trust among our target customers. This entailed creating a modern, visually appealing layout that mirrored the innovation inherent in our product offerings.


The webpage redesign had a transformative impact on VAVA International Inc. In 2022, it not only significantly increased sales but also played a key role in a remarkable $7.8 million crowdfunding campaign for our projector. By strategically integrating trust-building elements and ensuring easy access to product information, we addressed the root causes of customer returns, leading to increased overall customer satisfaction.


Design Principles

In our design principles, we like things clear and easy. We use the simple and user-friendly Helvetica Now text. The turquoise color, instead of the old purple, gives a cool and modern vibe. These principles, with clear ratios and colors, help our team and guide everyone else - stakeholders and developers. We want a web design that looks good and matches our brand. This simple plan helps us all work together and create a special and user-friendly online experience.

Lo-Fi Prototype

Crafting a user-friendly experience begins with a meticulous lo-fi prototype. Our internal team fine-tuned design elements, adjusting columns, ratios, banners, and sections. Notable enhancements include the 'What's in the Box' section for transparent product insights. To boost authenticity, we chose real-life images over stock photos, renting an Airbnb for genuine moments with a model mom and baby. Adding dynamic features like controllable zoom for the baby cam, we aimed to engage users actively, creating vivid product demonstrations.

Strategic layout decisions prioritized key features with a 1-column format, providing ample space for detailed content. Less critical aspects embraced a 2-column layout for easy mobile adaptation. This approach ensures a visually appealing and user-friendly design, resonating with our audience.


Hi-Fi Prototype

In the transition to the hi-fi prototype of our webpage, we extended the refined design from the lo-fi phase to encompass all our diverse products. Notably, Chroma took the lead as the first product to showcase the new layout. Additionally, we ensured a seamless user experience across devices by creating three distinct layouts for desktop, tablet, and mobile, ensuring responsiveness at every dimension.

URL for the Chroma page –


Brand Identity

At VAVA, our brand identity is built on the pillars of evolve, empathy, community, and simplicity. We've created a user-centered ecosystem featuring a range of cohesive products aimed at simplifying life. Rooted in instinct and validated through insights, our mission is to develop intuitive solutions powered by innovative technology. We're committed to showcasing our expertise with pride and confidence, aiming to demonstrate to our audience that we are knowledgeable and passionate about creating solutions that make a difference in their lives.

Visual Design – Icons

In the realm of icon design, our process kicks off with a unique challenge. Crafting icons for product features often begins when products are still in the prototype stage, awaiting mass production. We wait for product prototypes from our manufacturing partners in China to guide our design discussions. For instance, addressing concerns about the quality of materials in baby products, we've designed an icon featuring a rubber duck with a checkmark on its wing. This icon assures customers that the materials have passed rigorous quality control. Through such thoughtful icon design, we aim to instill trust with our audience, showcasing our commitment to transparency, even before products hit the market.

URL for the icons –


Promotional Banners

I take pride in curating compelling promotional banners for VAVA across various platforms, including product launches, promotions, sales, and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and email campaigns. Collaborating closely with the marketing team, I immerse myself in the content of visual arts, ensuring a harmonious blend of design elements. This involves in-depth discussions with copywriters and photographers to create banners that not only captivate the audience but also effectively convey the brand's message and offerings.



In my role as Senior Visual Designer for the VAVA Chroma project, I led the journey from sketch to production. Before diving in, I conducted extensive market research to understand what works and what doesn't. We kicked off with a mood board, capturing the essence we envisioned. To keep an air of mystery, we using LED lights to reveal our brand color. In September 2021, the VAVA team launched the Indiegogo campaign for the Chroma triple laser projector, a project close to our hearts after a year of hard work. To our astonishment, the response was beyond incredible! With a goal of $3 million, we smashed it in just four hours, breaking the record for the most funds raised in a single day. The campaign concluded in January 2022 with over 2,700 backers. Soon, the Chroma will hit our online store, having raised nearly $7.8 million, making it the top-funded Indiegogo campaign for 2021. It's been an unforgettable journey, and we're deeply grateful for the overwhelming support!

Design Process

In our design process, our office cat is a big part of the fun. He hangs out with us, and having him around makes the office chill and inspires creativity. I'm a big animal lover, and I truly believe that working in a relaxed environment with pets boosts our creativity.

We also have a photo studio in the office where we take lots of cool pictures of our products. Our cat often joins in, adding a cozy vibe to the studio. Having him around makes the whole design process more enjoyable and gives us some fresh ideas. It's like a mix of a cool workspace, a photo studio, and a bit of furry company – a perfect combo for a creative day at the office.

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