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Paris Rhône

Tech Company (Paris)


Senior Visual Designer
UI/UX & Branding

Web Design | Mobile App | Branding


San Jose / 2023


The existing Paris Rhône webpage faced a significant issue of disorganization, hindering user experience. The cluttered layout failed to convey the elegance and neatness synonymous with the brand. Navigating the old webpage was challenging, potentially leading to user frustration and a diminished brand impression.

Paris Rhone-HP_Desktop.jpg


The primary goal of the redesign project was to create a clean and organized layout that resonated with the century-old legacy of Paris Rhône. The aim was to establish an online presence that reflected the brand's elegance and conveyed a sense of neatness. To achieve this, I set out to implement design principles, including the 60-30-10 rule for balanced visual aesthetics, and incorporated a card design to efficiently present information in a structured manner.


The impact of the redesign is twofold. Firstly, the new Paris Rhône webpage now exudes a refined and elegant aura, aligning seamlessly with the brand's century-long legacy. Users can navigate the page effortlessly, resulting in an enhanced user experience. Secondly, the application of the 60-30-10 rule and the integration of card design contribute to improved information presentation, ensuring clarity and adaptability across both desktop and mobile versions. The result is a visually harmonious and user-friendly webpage that positively influences the brand perception and user engagement.

Design Principles

In the redesign of the Paris Rhône webpage, our design principles are centered around simplicity and user-friendliness. Embracing clean aesthetics, we prioritize a clutter-free layout that exudes elegance, aligning seamlessly with the brand's century-long legacy. A user-centric approach guides our design, ensuring an intuitive and enjoyable browsing experience. We implement a neat presentation style, utilizing the card design approach for structured information delivery. The harmonious red color palette, adhering to the 60-30-10 rule, maintains balance while reinforcing the brand identity. Consistency across devices is a priority, guaranteeing a seamless experience on both desktop and mobile platforms. Ultimately, our design principles aim to create a visually compelling and user-friendly webpage that reflects the brand's heritage and excellence.


Redesign a Site Map

As the lead designer, I revamped Sunvalleytek's website by refining the site map. The goal was to make information more accessible, minimize confusion, and remove unnecessary content. I focused on improving the visual appeal of each section with high-quality photos to attract and engage users. Consistency was key to reinforcing VAVA's brand identity across all pages. Additionally, I changed the website from a single page to multiple pages to present comprehensive company information. The site map redesign aimed to create a user-friendly experience, enhance visual appeal, and effectively communicate VAVA's brand and offerings.


Lo-Fi Prototype

At Sunvalleytek, our journey to a user-friendly website starts with a careful lo-fi prototype. We fine-tuned design elements like columns, banners, and sections.

Smart layout decisions were made, employing a 1-column format for important features and a 2-column layout for mobile adaptability. We introduced a "card design" for components like Customer Reviews, making complex information more digestible.

Innovations extend to the hero section and subsidiaries, where a dynamic, random layout and a Z-Shape pattern make the content more visually interesting. These intentional changes reflect our commitment to improving user experience through thoughtful design adjustments, creating a more engaging platform for our audience at Sunvalleytek.


Hi-Fi Prototype

Witness the incredible results of Sunvalleytek's website overhaul in our Hi-Fi prototype. From refined colors to crisp typography, every detail has been carefully crafted for an elevated user experience. The 'What's in the Box' section now effortlessly reveals product details, complemented by authentic images capturing the essence of Sunvalleytek. This Hi-Fi prototype showcases our dedication to creating a vibrant, user-friendly online presence for Sunvalleytek.

URL for the Sunvalleytek page –


Design Process

At Sunvalleytek, our webpage design is a joint effort between our internal creative team and the marketing department. This collaboration ensures our website not only looks great but also aligns with our brand goals. The creative team brings artistic ideas to the table, while the marketing team offers strategic insights. Together, we brainstorm and refine concepts, creating a design that effectively communicates Sunvalleytek's identity. Throughout the process, regular check-ins and collaborative discussions ensure a seamless alignment of creativity and strategy. This collaborative synergy is the driving force behind the visually stunning and purposeful Sunvalleytek webpage.

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